eMailManager - Email and Newsletter Marketing

At a glance

eMailManager is a sophisticated CRM and eMail Marketing Software that will allow you to easily create HTML and text based newsletters, deliver personalized emails to your target audiences through mailing lists, and improve your business by boosting your e-mail advertising and communication.


eMailManager is a sophisticated E-mail and Newsletter Marketing Software that will allow you to boost your email marketing campaigns. What makes eMailManager unique and the most suitable tool for professional marketeets is it's flexibility. 

eMailManager comes with all the common features that can be met from other tools as well but what makes this software stand out from the crowd is its flexibility. With eMailManager there are no limitations in terms of outgoing messages, number of recipients and email layout. It's easy to create your own email templates from the scratch and you can even create your email template through your websites content management system. The options are unlimited!




Key Features

  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • HTML email templates
  • E-Mail Personalization Tags
  • Email attachments
  • Load HTML from external URL
  • Automatic bounce handling
  • Custom opt-in/opt-out messages
  • Google Analytics integrated reporting
  • Multiple sending profiles
  • Track e-mail views
  • Bulk subscribers import
  • Advanced subscribers management capabilities
  • Dynamic and configurable contact properties


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