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EventsAdmin has been designed in order to reduce the administrative workload from the event organizers and to automate the registration process of attendees and in case of academic conferences to automate the papers submission and evaluation process.

With EventsAdmin, common administrative tasks like registering participants, processing payments, printing atendees badges and sending follow-up emails are no longer a headache for the event organizers. The participants are registering online and pay online. The communication is also automated. The organizers of an event can send automated, personalized emails to all participants or to specific participants using simple wizards.



Key features

  • Easy setup
  • Custom URL, in the form
  • Customizable appearance. Use your own graphics and texts
  • Online participants registration
  • Customized registration fields
  • Online payment of registration fees
  • Automated, personalized emails
  • Advanced reporting
  • Flexible pricelists. Set up different prices based on registration date and atendee type.


The ideal solution for academic conferences



Key features

  • Online papers submissions
  • Automated reviewing process
  • Automated evaluation process
  • Easy programme setup. Support for multiple rooms, sessions, session chair and paper discussants.
  • Multiple administration roles (Conference chair, Conference assistant, Programme Committee Members, Programme Committee Chair)

Submission process

  • Online registration of authors and presenters
  • Online submission of abstracts
  • Online submission of final papers and presentations upon acceptance of abstract
  • Immediate submission confirmations
  • Automated notifications to all contacts related to a paper (submitter, authors, presenter) for:
    • New file contributions
    • Contribution deletion or modification
    • Paper acceptance/rejection
    • Programme related announcements






Reviewing process

  • Online review assignments.
  • The reviewers can be members of the Programme Committee or ad-hoc contacts.
  • One or multiple reviewers per paper
  • Automated workflow for the acceptance or rejection of the assignment by the reviewers


Evaluation process

  • Accept, Reject or Revise paper status
  • Interim decisions / Programme Commitee discussion board
  • Intuitive one-screen evaluation page where the Programme Committee chair can see the evaluations of all reviewers, the submitted contributions and the interim decisions of other chairs.
  • Automated notification email to the paper authors.






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