HORECA Booking - Online Hotel Booking Engine

HORECA Booking is a hotel booking engine, which can be incorporated at existing or new hotel websites and enables the hotel to make the most of its online visiting traffic, to increase bookings and decrease fees for tourist agencies and online booking web portals. HORECA Booking engine is suitable for small and large hotels, hotel chains, villas, studios and pensions.

The "installation" of HORECA Booking engine is as simple as adding a link or a "Book Now" button to the hotel's website. Using this link or button the site visitors (lookers) can easily check rates and availability, view your special offers and eventually become "bookers" by placing their reservation online using their credit card or Paypal account or even by paying later through a bank transfer. 

HORECA Booking can also be used as a standalone hotel website for those hotels that do not own a website already. 


Why HORECA Booking

HORECA Booking engine has been optimized to make the realization of a reservation as fast, easy and secure as possible and ultimately to increase the looker-to-booker conversion rate. Four are the major advantages that make our hotel booking engine stand out from the competition.

Multiple payment methods

HORECA Booking is the only hotel booking engine that supports multiple online and offline payment methods. Giving your clients the ability to choose their preferred payment method can be crucial for the completion of the reservation process. Hotels using the HORECA hotel booking engine can let their customers choose between the following options:

  • Paypal: Paypal users are able to pay using the majority of credit card types as well as with direct charge of their bank account. You are free to choose if you will charge the client for the full amount of the reservation or for a smaller amount as an advanced payment.
  • Secure credit card details transmission: This option is suitable if you don't want to charge your client immediately but you require credit card details as a guarantee for the reservation in case of no-show or late cancelation.
  • Online credit card payment: The credit card of the client is immediately charged and the money are automatically transferred to the hotel's bank account. You are free to choose if you will charge the client for the full amount of the reservation or for a smaller amount as an advanced payment.
  • Wire transfer / Bank deposit: Even if the number of online purchases is continuously growing there is still a significant number of people who feel uncomfortable using their credit card for online purchases or who just don't possess a credit card at all. For this important market segment HORECA Booking engine, allows your visitors to select bank deposit as payment method. In this case the corresponding availability is reserved for a limited time frame and is automatically released if a payment has not been realized on time.
  • Credit card details submission through phone or fax: This option is suitable for visitors that own a credit card but they feel more comfortable to share the details of their card with a hotel representative than submitting them through the online form.

Multiple languages and currencies

Our hotel booking engine is available in 13 languages so that any visitor will find a familiar language (if not his native one) and all prices are automatically converted from your hotel's currency to all major currencies. The hotel can even publish rates in multiple different currencies.


HORECA Booking engine is using the latest security guidelines and all sub-systems - front and back end - are using SSL, the industry security standard for the transmission of personal and payment information.

Time saving and protection from over-bookings

Taking into consideration the workload of the people coping with the reservations of a hotel, HORECA booking has been designed to minimize the time that the hotel administrators have to spent managing their hotel booking engine. After the initial configuration, the hotel administrators must login to the administration panel only if they wish to update the hotel rates and availability. Each time that a new reservation is realized, the hotel administrators are notified through email and optionally through SMS and the availability is automatically adjusted. Moreover, using the intelligent availability restrictions of the HORECA booking engine, the hotel can setup proactive rules (e.g.: during peak periods do not accept reservations for the same day) in order to be 100% confident that no over-bookings will happen.



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