HORECA Booking - Online Hotel Booking Engine

HORECA Booking comes bundled with many features allowing the hotels to make the most of the visiting traffic of their website and giving the opportunity to their visitors to complete all the accommodation arrangements in a couple of minutes.

Multiple languages and currencies

HORECA hotel booking engine is available in 13 languages so that any visitor will find a familiar language (if not his native one) and all prices are automatically converted from your hotel's currency to all major currencies. The hotel can even publish rates in multiple different currencies.

HORECA Booking is available in the following languages: el Greek,  en English,  it Italian,  fr French,  de German, es Spanish, pt Portuguese,  ru Russian,  zh Chinese,  tr Turkish,  sv Swedish,  nl Dutch,  pl Polish.


Multiple payment methods

HORECA Booking is the only hotel booking engine that supports multiple online and offline payment methods. Giving your clients the ability to choose their preferred payment method can be crucial for the completion of the reservation process. Hotels using the HORECA hotel booking engine can let their customers choose between the following options:

  • Paypal: Paypal users are able to pay using the majority of credit card types as well as with direct charge of their bank account. You are free to choose if you will charge the client for the full amount of the reservation or for a smaller amount as an advanced payment.
  • Secure credit card details transmission: This option is suitable if you don't want to charge your client immediately but you require credit card details as a guarantee for the reservation in case of no-show or late cancelation.
  • Online credit card payment: The credit card of the client is immediately charged and the money are automatically transferred to the hotel's bank account. You are free to choose if you will charge the client for the full amount of the reservation or for a smaller amount as an advanced payment.
  • Wire transfer / Bank deposit: Even if the number of online purchases is continuously growing there is still a significant number of people who feel uncomfortable using their credit card for online purchases or who just don't possess a credit card at all. For this important market segment HORECA Booking engine, allows your visitors to select bank deposit as payment method. In this case the corresponding availability is reserved for a limited time frame and is automatically released if a payment has not been realized on time.
  • Credit card details submission through phone or fax: This option is suitable for visitors that own a credit card but they feel more comfortable to share the details of their card with a hotel representative than submitting them through the online form.


Payment _methods


Market segments

Following modern revenue management principles HORECA Booking architecture is based on the idea of market segmentation, allowing the hotels to provide different rates-prices-availability options to different market segments (a.k.a. customer groups).

HORECA hotel booking engine allows the hotel administrators to define standard customer groups (e.g.: corporate clients) or special segments for limited time promotional activities.


Room Types

  • Unlimited room types
  • Flexible capacity definitions
  • Room type specific descriptions in all languages
  • Room type specific photos


Availability and Availability Restrictions

  • Real time availability updates
  • Option to allocate different availability for different customer groups
  • Stop Sales
  • Length of stay restrictions (minimum or maximum stay)
  • Closed no arrival / Closed on departure restrictions
  • Release days restrictions


Cancelation policies

With HORECA hotel booking engine the hotel administrators can define multiple cancelation policies. Each cancelation policy can be applied to all or specific rates and can be applied for a specific time period or can be of indefinite duration.



HORECA hotel booking engine allows the hotel administrators to define unlimited rates. Each rate can have its own:

  • Currency
  • Availability pool
  • Cancelation policy
  • Offerings (Bed & breakfast rate VS Full board rate)
  • Descriptions

and can be available to all or specific customer groups.


Prices and Special Offers

Offer -rulesHORECA booking engine allows you to set room prices on a per room or per guest number and type basis. For instance, if you own a villa which can accommodate up to 8 guests you can set a fixed daily price for the villa (per room pricing) or you can can set one price for 1 to 4 guests and another price for 5-8 guests (guest number pricing). On the other hand if you run a typical hotel you prices would differentiate by the number and type of guests in the room (e.g.: 2 adults and 1 child, single occupancy, etc).

HORECA hotel booking engine features the most flexible and state-of-the-art mechanism for setting up special offers. A HORECA special offer can be available to all or specific room types, to all or specific customer groups and can be active by default or can be activated when specific rules are fulfilled. You can set up activation rules using criteria such as:

  1. the check-in date
  2. the check-out date
  3. the date of booking
  4. the length of stay
  5. the number of days between the reservation date and the check-in date

Finally a special offer can take the form of:

  1. A fixed price discount
  2. A percentage discount
  3. Free-of-charge nights (e.g.: at 7 nights 2 nights are free of charge)
  4. Special treats
  5. Combination of all the above



HORECA hotel booking engine allows to ask either for a prepayment either for credit card details as a guarantee for a reservation. When an advance is required the corresponding amount can be calculated as a percentage of the total reservation cost or as the cost of a number of nights.


General features - Presentation

  • 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption
  • Contact information page with Contact/Inquiries form 
  • Interactive map & Driving directions
  • Accommodation page with room specific descriptions
  • Hotel general info
  • Services and facilities
  • Food & beverages


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