HORECA Booking - Online Hotel Booking Engine

HORECA Booking engine consists of two sub-systems. The front-end where the visitors of the website can check rates and availability and place their reservation and the back-end where the hotel administrators are able to set prices and availability, see the details of the placed bookings, set up special offers and availability restrictions and finally customize the look and feel and the display languages of their booking engine.

Incorporating the HORECA booking engine at your website

The incorporation of the HORECA booking engine at your hotel's website is a simple, fast and straight forward process.

1. Sign up

During sign up, you choose the web address where the hotel's booking engine will be available. For instance, the web address of the fictitious hotel "The Family Hotel" could be https://TheFamilyHotel.horecabooking.com.

2. Initial configuration

Once your account is set up, the initial configuration and training is taking place by HORECA's support team. At this stage we will ask you to submit the following information:

  1. General hotel information (descriptions, photos, logo)
  2. Room types (capacity, photos, description)
  3. Rates & Prices
  4. Payment & cancelation policies

Most of the times, the aforementioned information is already available at the hotel's website.

3. Integration with hotel's website

Finally, the webmasters of the hotel's website place "Book now" links (or "Online Booking" or links and buttons with similar wordings) in prominent positions of the website. Thus, when a visitor of the hotel's website wishes to place a reservation, he launches the HORECA booking engine by clicking on these links. 

At this step, the webmasters of the hotel's website can also create a form where the visitors can enter accommodation preferences (dates, number and type of guests, etc) so when the booking engine will pop up the corresponding fields of the booking engine will be already populated and prices and availability will be immediately available.

Quick Reservation Form


Placing a reservation (what your clients see)

The placement of a booking through the HORECA hotel booking engine normally takes less than 2 minutes. The booking procedure consists of 4 easy steps:

  1. Accommodation preferences
  2. Room(s) selection
  3. Contact and payment info
  4. Reservation completion

1. Accommodation preferences

In this step the visitors select check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms, adults and children and they optionally apply their promotional code (if they have one) in order to become eligible for special offers that may be available.



2. Rooms selection

At this step the visitor is informed for the availability, the prices and the offerings of each rate and all he has to do is to click on it's preferred room type / rate combination.



3. Contact and Payment info

At this step the visitor enters his/her contact details and pays using his/her preferred payment method. A summary of the selections of the visitor during the previous steps is also available at the right of the booking engine.




4. Reservation completion

The reservation is now completed. A thank you message is displayed and the visitor can now print the voucher of his/her reservation. The details of the booking have already been sent to the email address of the booker. The hotel is informed through an email and optionally through an SMS.




Try it yourself

Feel free to examine the capabilities of the HORECA hotel booking engine using this live demo: https://thefamilyhotel.horecabooking.com


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