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Photo Pick is an innovative service that upon completion of a photo-shooting allows the photographers to make the photos available online for their clients. The clients can now order prints and/or download their photos and pay the photographer online through a browser.


Photo Pick is an innovative service that makes the selection and classification of the photos of an event a simple, easy and entertaining task. Upon completion of a photoshooting the photographer copies the photographs inside Photo Pick and makes them available for review to the customer, who can download in various resolutions, order photo imprints in various dimensions and paper qualities, from the comfort of his living room.

Photo Pick has been developed by Symmetria Web Solutions and is provided to affiliated photography studios in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.



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Key features

  • Fully web-based: Photo Pick is totally web-based. Neither the photographer, neither the customer has to install any kind of application in his computer. All you need to start using Photo Pick is a computer with Internet connection and any modern browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, ...).
  • iPad compatible
  • The customer pays on-line for the selected prints/photo albums.
  • Each photographer defines the print dimensions and paper qualities that he wants as well as the cost of them.
  • Automatic watermark placement protects the photos from unlicensed downloads.
  • The customer can download the photos in various resolutions (upon completion of online payment).
  • The customer can customize the paper and the type of priting for each print copy.
  • Upon completion of selections from the customer the photographer is notified by email and/or SMS.
Photo Pick is totally web-based. Thus neither the photographer, neither the customer has to install any kind of application in his computer.

Photos Upload

The photographer uploads the photos on PhotoPick

The photos are online!

The client is informed
that his photos are ready!

He can now login to PhotoPick and
start selecting his photos.

Photos Selection

The client spots his favorite photos and selects print sizes & quantity and/or download resolutions.

Paper & color customizations are also available!


The client checks out using
his credit card or Paypal account.

Order is completed

The photographer received the order and ships
the printed photos to the client's address.

The client can also now download the photos
in the resolution selected at step 3.

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